Evans Omondi Oyoo
/Secretary BOG


Welcome to Sikri Technical and Vocational College for Blind and Deaf (STVCBD).  Our website is a portal to information and discovery, about the College, about you, and about the rich connections that exist between us.

We are a proud TVET national college recognized for high academic standards, a devotion to the collegiate preparation of individuals who learn differently, and unparalleled student and graduate outcomes.  The Sikri Experience embraces, supports, and challenges the best of us. You will like it here!

Now entering the College’s fifth decade, the Sikri Community is deservedly proud of our legacy as the Government fully accredited institution by Technical and Vocational Training Authority (TVETA) for students with multiple disabilities. STVCBD is one of the four Government special TVET college in the Ministry of Education, State Department of Vocational and Technical Training.

Sikri TVC for the blind and deaf admits students who learn differently including students with learning difficulties, autism, intellectually challenged among other forms of disabilities. We champion strength based model and give students skills and strategies they need to achieve their goals

Both on campus and beyond, I share with my colleagues an understandable pride in STCVBD strides over the past several years; these have been nothing short of striking, exceeding even our most ambitious projections.

Today’s accolades and soaring success attributable to our student outcomes are gratifying; still, STVCBD is a community that is never self-satisfied.  Our work is too important.

The institutional ambitions that I have outlined all too briefly above, and many others, are tangible expressions of our seriousness of purpose in fashioning a collegiate community through which students engage with the rich possibilities of the liberal arts tradition, thus discovering the greatest good of building happy, ethical, productive, and abundant futures.

As you step across the electronic threshold that is our web presence, I invite you to further explore STVCBD for yourself—both here on our site and through an in-person visit to our College.