Bertha Owaga
Deputy Principal Administration


Sikri TVCBD has a core mandate of training learners with diverse special needs; Visual impairments, Hearing impairment, Intellectually Challenged, Deaf blindness among others. We also practice reverse integration by admitting 30% regular learners to promote inclusivity.

The office of the Deputy Principal Administration oversees all non-curriculum areas which entails development of  the Colleges’ strategic goals and plans, building collaborative partnerships and active engagement with key stakeholders to achieve mutual beneficial outcomes, overseeing finance, procurement, HR, inventory, and student-related administration and operations to ensure compliance with relevant policies/guidelines, and procedures and alignment with College’s strategic plan.

The college is currently harnessing IT to increase productivity and enhance college processes towards e- learning and general automation within the college. The D/P Admin works towards leading and motivating the College Admin Team through promoting a culture of service excellence and growth, and to ensure the effective management of administrative and operations matters by conducting effective performance management and feedback, incorporating best practices to ensure a safe and conducive working/learning environment by ensuring appropriate security procedures and measures are in place/ready for implementation when required.

The college operates on policy frameworks at national level cascaded and customized to meet our unique needs.  Currently, we have developed and operationalize the following policies: Human Resource policy, 2020; Finance Policy 2020; Action Plan FY 2020/2021; Academic policy, 2020; Gender & Disability mainstreaming policies, 2021 and Strategic plan 2020/21-2024/25. Review of Student protection & welfare policy is underway.