Spencer Kirawa
HOD Performance Contracting

Performance Contracting rides on the famous quote attributed to Peter Drucker that says “What gets measured gets done.” The idea here is that reporting greatly improves performance. Measuring performance improves focus and helps with possibilities of improvement as what is delivered is used in cycles that follow as datum and ground for improvement.

Given the challenges of bureaucracy that over time slowed service delivery in government Ministries, Departments and Agencies, Performance Contracting at Sikri TVC for the Blind and Deaf ensures that every section or management level of the College carries out their duties in time, with efficiency in terms of cost and speed and by making use of all the resources available.

While the commitments are made between the Government of Kenya and the Board of Governors of the College at the beginning of every Financial Year, the culture we have since developed is that which makes us view our Performance Contracts as grounds for continuous improvements in all sectors of the college. The sectors that the performance Contracting Coordinator follows up on behalf of the Board of Governors include Core Mandate, Presidential Directives, Financial Management, Procurement and Supplies Chain Management, Service Delivery and Cross-cutting issues.

The mandate of the Performance Contracting Coordinating office implies that we work with all sections of the College and therefore attempt to improve the performance of all departments; academic and non-academic. We take pleasure in offering our services to all stakeholders of the college.