We are committed to ensuring that the students get a conducive environment that promotes learning through provision of standard amenities and governance.

This office is the primary administrative contact and advocate for the students both in Certificate and Diploma programmes.

We work directly with the students and students’ leadership to provide services and programmes that enhance students’ life within STVCBD community and patronage the office of career services to ensure that our student trainees keep appropriate career pathway to completely fit the demands of the industrial market.

We act as the point of contact for students with issues pertaining to harassment, discrimination, or sexual misconduct and engage the office of the Guidance and Counselling coordinator for further services. We are responsible for formulation of and review of policies directly related to students of STVCBD.

We are the chief advisory unit to the student trainees on issues of Higher Education Loans, bursaries and grants and provide the data to the Principal.

This is the primary administrative contact for parents network and responsible for their questions and answers. The department services in the administrative staff meeting as the voice and advocate for students issues, rights and concerns.